Introducing SimuTeam

Motivated by the need for improving training in the medical and surgical disciplines, SimuTeam encompasses a range of interactive learning modules, state of the art software and interactive workstations to enable students and educators to practice multiple procedures safely and repeatedly, gaining essential expertise and confidence before performing tasks for real.

Our state of the art suite of simulation and E-Learning technologies allows a diverse range of immersive training solutions to be developed for a single common platform. Any SimuTeam solution can be upgraded to expand the range of supported procedures through our modular hardware and software approach.

Building on extensive experience developing simulated training solutions for dental and surgical skills, our team of researchers, designers and developers are collaborating with top tier medical institutions to bring out the first SimuTeach modules for dental education and orthopaedic surgery.

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Offering a wide variety of high fidelity force feedback (haptic) interfaces with interchangeable tools, SimuTouch comprises hardware which realistically renders visual, sound and touch feedback. Physics algorithms compute the behaviour of tissues and surgical tools, and are specifically designed for natural movement, with embedded ergonomics designed to achieve natural operating positions. By applying state of the art technologies, we are able to integrate sense of touch and physical interaction with simulation and virtual reality to provide real-time felt experiences.


Substantial, cutting edge training spanning the entire clinical skills learning curriculum embraces dental, medical, surgical and veterinary disciplines. We create application specific content enabling clinicians from any background to benefit from our interdisciplinary approach to learning.

SimuTeach provides a rich learning experience, encompassing patient profiles, course selection and review capabilities. Detailed 3D anatomical models and information on clinical procedures embedded within our software modules allow users to push and extend their skills in a supportive, clinical virtual reality.

Special qualities include access to any possible clinical scenario, from easy to difficult and common to rare, with educator defined objective, measurable feedback to enhance learning. Educational content is developed in close collaboration with domain experts to provide the best in digital learning solutions.

We are looking for collaborators in all medical, surgical, dental and veterinary fields, if you want to join us as we shape the future of clinical skills training, get in touch!


SimuSolve is a state of the art solution for developing real-time haptically enabled medical training simulations. Built using the Toia haptic development kit (Toia.Tech) and designed for the SimuTouch range of workstations, haptic devices and tools, SimuSolve combined with the power of Unreal Engine 4 takes the development of complex, highly realistic multi-sensory immersive simulations to a new level.

Full integration with the Unreal Engine 4, create and edit complex haptic simulation without writing a single line of code Multiple haptic algorithms to customize the rendering depending on application

Haptic rendering features include:

• Native support for all major commercial force-feedback haptic devices
• Multi-device, 6 DOF force feedback
• Sophisticated haptic material editing combing multiple surface properties and texture mapping in 2D or 3D
• Point based and volume based haptic cursor support
Custom rigid body physics engine tailored for real-time haptic interaction
State of the art soft-body physics library for realistic simulation of deformable objects

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